PIC Interrupt Code Generator

This is a work in progress. It generates the basic code needed for various interrupts on the PIC 16F877A. It should work for for similar chips with similar registers. Click on as many boxes as you need. Some items generate more code than others. I may add a selector for various chips in the future. If you have suggested chips, please let me know. I have not tested all the possibilities, so if you catch any problems, please let me know.
TMR0 Overflow Interrupt
RB0/INT External Interrupt
RB Port Change Interrupt
PSPIF: Parallel Slave Port Read/Write Interrupt
ADIF: A/D Converter Interrupt
RCIF: USART Receive Interrupt
TXIF: USART Transmit Interrupt
SSPIF: Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) Interrupt
CCP1IF: CCP1 Interrupt
TMR2IF: TMR2 to PR2 Match Interrupt
TMR1IF: TMR1 Overflow Interrupt
CMIF: Comparator Interrupt
EEIF: EEPROM Write Operation Interrupt
BCLIF: Bus Collision Interrupt
CCP2IF: CCP2 Interrupt

Sample Code